Porto's buses: STCP

May 14 2013

Porto’s buses: STCP

STCP is Porto’s largest public transportation operator. It operates bus services throughout the city and connections to surrounding areas.


STCP bus fleet is relatively new, with lower floors and ramps for wheelchairs. Digital and voice information inside the bus indicates direction and next stop. Digital and voice information outside the buses indicates bus number and direction. Most information inside the bus and at the bus stops is available only in Portuguese.

Entering and exiting the vehicle

Bus stops are well identified and contain appropriate information although the way such information is organized may vary in each stop, making it a bit confusing. With exception of the disabled, baby transports and large volumes which may enter through the back door, passengers must enter the bus through the front door. Bicycles are not allowed inside the bus but surf boards are usually allowed. Passengers at the bus stop must signal the bus for it to stop. Passengers inside the bus must use the STOP button to signal their intention to exist at the next stop. Door control is done by the driver.


A bus ticket can be bought directly from the driver (1,85€) that is valid for one travel and does not allow for transfers. Andante tickets are also valid in STCP buses but must be bought in advanced (with exception of 1-day ticket Andante Tour 1 – 7€ and 3-day tickets Andante Tour 3 – 15€ which can be bought to the driver.). Andante’s ticket validation machines are located inside the bus next to the front door.


STCP drivers are friendly and have a reasonable level of English, enough to handle easy matters, such as ticketing and directions but usually not sufficient for more complex issues.

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