STCP: Route 1

May 23 2013

STCP: Route 1

Route 1 operated by STCP is one of three (together with route 18 and route 22) historical tram (street car) routes still active mainly for touristic purposes. These trams used to be part of Porto’s public transport system and were some of the first trams in operation in Portugal. Route 1 operates daily from Ribeira (Infante) stop (next to Saint Francis Church) towards Passeio Alegre and back.


Standard fare for trams is 2,50€ for one way and is bought directly to the tram driver. You can also buy a combined ticket for one tram trip and visit to the Tram Museum (4€/2,50€  adult/child) or a combined 24h tram ticket (valid for all three historical tram routes) and Tram Museum visit (8€/5€ adult/child)


One way trip last for about 30 minutes.


Tram route 1 shares part of bus route 500 path and consequently also many of the sights. Up to five minutes walking distance from Ribeira (Infante) stop you have Igreja de São Francisco (Saint Francis Church), Casa do Infante and Palácio da Bolsa. Tram 1 next stop is Alfândega just in front of Porto’s Transports and Communications Museum followed by Museu Vinho do Porto stop right at the entrance of Port Wine Museum. One more stop (Museu Carro Eléctrico) and you have Porto’s Tram Museum.

The last stop, Passeio Alegre is just at the edge of Foz do Douro parish which is Porto’s Atlantic coast and home for quality beaches and trendy cafes and restaurants. If you continue following the river, with a ten minute walk you can visit Forte de São João Baptista, a XVI century fort as well as Foz old town. If just feel like relaxing, the same ten minute walk will lead you to the beach or to one of the many sunny sidewalk cafes. In 2013, three of the Foz do Douro beaches were awarded the Blue Flag certification (Foz, Gondarém and Homem do Leme). Foz beach is the closest to Passeio Alegre and the first sea beach you encounter.

In summary: