May 14 2013


Resende is Matosinhos’ main public transport operator. Two routes serve Porto’s city centre and two others the airport. Resende may prove a good option if you wish to go from Matosinhos to Maia without having to go through Porto’s city centre.


Resende’s fleet do not have lower floors or wheelchair ramps. There is no information (digital or voice) available inside most buses but drivers are usually helpful is asked to warn about stopping at specific stops. Digital information is (usually) available outside the bus indicating the direction. It is, however, advised to check with the driver that the direction is in fact the one showed and that the stop wanted is indeed covered in that direction.

Entering and exiting the vehicle

Resende bus stops, especially outside the city centers of Matosinhos, Porto and Maia may be hard to find. It is advised to search for the closest school or church or ask around. Only the main stops of a route are shown at the bus stops and no schedule information is available. With exception of the disabled, baby transports and large volumes which may enter through the back door, passengers must enter the bus through the front door. Bicycles are not allowed inside the bus but surf boards are usually allowed. Passengers at the bus stop must signal the bus for it to stop. Passengers inside the bus must use the STOP button to signal their intention to exist at the next stop. Door control is done by the driver.


Andante ticket system is available in Resende’s fleet but they must be bought in advance. Andante ticket machines are located inside the bus next to the front door. Resende also possesses its own fare system whose tickets can be bought directly from the driver.


Resende’s drivers are less friendly and their level of English is weak. They will still be willing to help you if you don’t waste too much of their time.