May 18 2013


RENEX (Rede Nacional de Transportes) is a northern-portuguese public transport operator, running long distance coach(bus) operator connecting Portugal’s northern region (Braga, Porto, Viana do Castelo etc.) to Lisbon and Algarve.


Visual information is available outside the vehicles but it only indicates direction, not intermediate stops. Always check with the driver or at the information desk that you are taking the correct bus. In some buses, voice information is available inside the bus both in Portuguese and in English indicating stops. In the remaining cases drivers warn passengers on the coming stop. RENEX coaches are not accessible to wheelchairs.

Entering and exiting the vehicle

The driver will inform you on where to place your suitcases. You must wait to enter the vehicle for the driver to check your ticket. Seats are numbered and your seat number is indicated on the ticket. It is polite to seat where indicated, although if the bus is not full, you can always change during the trip.


RENEX tickets can be bought directly at their offices. Alternatively, and although they cannot be bought online, you can call the numbers on their website (dependent on your city of departure) and reserve your tickets. You can then collect and pay them up to 20min before departure at the respective ticket office.


RENEX staff is friendly and willing to help. They have a reasonable level of English enough to handle easy matter such as ticketing and directions. At Porto headquarters information staff has a good level of English and is able to handle more complex matters such as more detailed information and complaints.

Comfort and security

Buses are well maintain, clean and comfortable. Seats include seat belts. Smoking is not allowed inside the vehicles.


  • Clocks inside the buses seem to be always wrong. Please rely on your own watch or mobile to keep track of time.
  • No wifi available.