Rede Nacional Expressos

May 14 2013

Rede Nacional Expressos

Rede Expressos is a Portuguese long distance public transport operator running coach (bus) covering all of Portugal’s continental area.


Rede Expressos coaches are, in general, not accessible to wheelchairs. The website is available in English but information at bus stations is not only scarce as is mostly (as in almost only) available in Portuguese.

Entering and exiting the vehicle

You should wait for the driver to allow you to enter the bus. He will check and cut your ticket. If you travel with big suitcases, the driver will also tell (or otherwise you should ask) where to store your bags (believe it or not…they have a system). Seats are numbered and although it is polite to to seat on your designated seat, if the bus is not full, you are allow to change seats. Drivers give warnings at every stop.


Tickets are sold at Rede Expressos’ bus stations. Tickets can also be bought online (seat choice is possible) but must be printed to be presented to the driver. If you forget to print you are not required to buy a new one, but you must go to the ticket offices (with your ID) at the bus stations so that you can have a copy printed out for you.

Comfort and punctuality

Rede Expressos buses are comfortable, they include seat belts and with rare exceptions run on schedule.


Rede Expressos’ drivers are friendly and usually go out of their way to help, especially foreign users. Their English level is sufficient to handle simple issues such as ticketing and directions.

Additional notes

  • Clocks inside Rede Expressos buses are (for some unknown reason to us) almost always wrong. Check your own watch or mobile for an accurate time during your travel.
  • Free wi-fi is available on Rede Expressos buses.
  • Rede Expressos’ website is far from user friendly. As you browse, you may want to find where the bus stations are located. Well…you won’t. Search for “Points of sale” instead. The city you searched has more than one “Point of sale”? Wondering from which of them the bus will departure? Well…you won’t find your answer in that website. We suggest you call the information line. (We are currently working to compile and organize that information to display here… but this will still take a while.)