Lisbon's metro: Metropolitano de Lisboa

May 24 2013

Lisbon’s metro: Metropolitano de Lisboa

Metropolitano de Lisboa is Lisbon’s metro operator and the oldest metro operator in Portugal. In 2013 Metropolitano de Lisboa was merged with Carris and Soflusa to create Transportes de Lisboa, Lisbon’s integrated public transport operator.


Metro vehicles and most metro stations are wheelchair friendly. Metropolitano de Lisbon has been working to improve accessibility to its stations but it is possible that you still encounter stairs just outside the stations entrances or elevator malfunctions. Metropolitano de Lisboa lines follow a color code together with a symbol code. If you only follow the symbols you are able to find your way around, but pay extra attention as some symbol positioning can be confusing.  Sound warnings indicate closing doors and tactile pavement limits the safety zone at the platform. There is static, digital and voice information inside the vehicles and at the stations but mostly in Portuguese. Ticket vending machines are multilingual.

Stations are identified with a white “M” on a red sign. Metropolitano de Lisboa website is well designed and available in English. Navigation is smooth and information is clear and easy to find.

Entering and exiting the vehicles

Before reaching the platform you need to pass your ticket card at the gates. Use only the gates with the green arrow. You will need to repeat this procedure when exiting the metro station, so don’t to throw away your ticket . Vehicle’s doors open and close automatically, no button pressing necessary.


Metropolitano de Lisboa tickets must be bought in advance in one of the blue, multilingual machines available at every station. Tickets can also be bought from ticket offices, available at some stations and, usually, only during business hours. Metropolitano de Lisboa tickets are multimodal and are also valid at Carris buses and trams. Most common tickets (Viva Viagem) are electronic, reusable and valid for one year from the date you buy them. The same blue machines or ticket offices can be used to add more tickets to your card. You can use the same card to add a 24h Carris/Metropolitano de Lisboa ticket as well as tickets for add operators. Check the ticket vending machines or ticket offices for information on how to do this.


Metropolitano de Lisboa staff is friendly and possess a sufficiently to good level of English, especially at main metro stations or next to tourist sites.

Safety and security

As in any crowded place, pickpocketing can happen in metro stations. Keep your belongings close and be situationally aware, especially when buying tickets from the ticket vending machines.

Additional notes