Porto's metro/tram: Metro do Porto

May 14 2013

Porto’s metro/tram: Metro do Porto

Metro do Porto is one of Portugal’s public transport operator, responsible for Porto’s metro/tram network and also for Funicular dos Guindais.


Trams are easily accessible by wheelchair. Digital and voice information indicating direction and next stop are available inside the vehicles. Digital, voice and physical information is also available at the tram stops. Metro do Porto uses a color code for the different routes but implemented ColorADD code in their information platforms to improve colorblind passenger’s accessibility. All information inside the tram and at tram stops is available also in English. From June 2013, Metro do Porto has made lugage lockers available at Trindade metro station. Prices start at 1€ and depend on lugage size and the amount of time you need to leave your lugage (maximum 36h).

Entering and exiting the vehicle

Vehicles always stop at the trams stops, but passengers must click the button to open the doors both to enter and to exit the vehicles. Bicycles are allowed inside the tram for no extra charge. Tickets must be validated before entering the vehicle, at the yellow machines at tram stops. Note that you cannot validate your ticket inside the tram so don’t forget to do it before entering the vehicle.


Andante is the exclusive ticket system for Metro do Porto trams. Tickets are sold at the vending machines at every tram stop, as well as in many newspaper and magazine shops identified with the Payshop symbol. It is not possible to buy tickets inside the vehicles.


Metro do Porto staff is friendly and is available at main tram stations to help users. They have a reasonable command of the English language, enough to handle easy matters,such as ticketing and directions but not sufficient for more complex issues.