May 23 2013


If you are in a mood for a shopping spree, need some IKEA furniture or just want to see a movie, Marlines transport service may be an option. Marlines is a point-to-point free public transport service provided by MarShopping, northern Portugal’s largest shopping centre, to help costumers reach their shops. The service runs from Casa da Música as well as Matosinhos and Maia City Halls towards MarShopping and back. Marlines service is operated by Resende and you should, therefore, expect a level of service similar to Resende’s.


Marlines vehicles have lower floors but no ramps and, thus, wheelchair access is difficult without assistance. Vehicles are well identified but they usually have no indication of destination. Towards MarShopping destination is obvious, however, on the way back, you should check with the driver that you entered the correct vehicle.

Entering and exiting the vehicle

No ticket is necessary for this service, the service is free. Just enter the bus. Casa da Música vehicles stop also here and here. Matosinhos vehicles departure from Matosinhos City Hall and Maia from Maia City Hall.

Comfort and punctuality

Frequencies are low (every half hour for Casa da Musica service, about every 50 minutes for the others) but since there are few or no intermediate stops and the vehicles take the shortest route towards MarShopping, Marlines service is a good option to reach MarShopping fast. They run every day except Sundays and the last service from Marshopping is around 00:30am.

Additional notes

  • Did we mention the service is free?