Lisbon's Airport

Jun 24 2013

Lisbon’s Airport

Lisbon’s Airport is Portugal’s largest and busiest airport and is located about 6km north of downtown Lisbon. There are plans to build a new airport or to adapt old military runaways around Lisbon for low-cost flights but there are currently no decisions made. The airport has currently two terminals, with terminal 2 being used only for departures and mostly for low-cost airlines.

There are several ways to reach the airport by public transport

Metropolitano de Lisboa

In July 2012, Metropolitano de Lisboa’s red route was prolonged with three extra stations, the last of which is at the Airport. Since then, traveling downtown has become faster and cheaper. The red route travels on the east/west axis and crosses Parque das Nações, Portugal’s Expo98 venue (stop Oriente) and ends closer to Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (stop Sebastião). You can reach Lisbon’s downtown area by changing to the green route at Alameda. The complete ride takes about 30min. You can buy a Viva Viagem card (one way 1,40€+0.50€ for the reusable card). The card is valid on the whole metro and bus (except aerobus) network for one hour and can be refilled for other journeys later.


Aerobus in another fast way to get into Lisbon. Line 1 runs every weekday from about 7am to about 23:00 and on weekends from about 07:30 to 22:30 with departures every 20 min and takes you from the Airport to Cais do Sodré and walking distance from Lisbon’s major downtown plaza Terreiro do Paço. It stops at major public transport hubs and hotels. Line 2 is connects the airport with Lisbon’s financial centre and runs hourly from 07:30 to 23:00

The tickets costs 3,15€  (2 tickets 4,95€) and together with one Aerobus trip, they gives you free access to the entire bus and tram network for 24h including some of the tourist trams and funiculars as well as some museum discounts.

Carris buses

Several standard Carris bus routes stop at the airport and although they are slower and usually more crowded than Aerobus, they may prove convenient for certain areas of the city. Tickets can be bought inside the bus (1,80€) or at the ticket machines. The following routes serve the airport:

  • 705: Oriente train station – Roma/Areeiro train station. About every 15min from 06:40 to 20:10.
  • 722: Praça de Londres – Portela. About every 15 min from 06:00 to 21:40.
  • 744: Marquês do Pombal – Moscavide. About every 12min from 06:10 to 21:30.
  • 783: Amoreiras Shopping Centre – Portels. About every 12 min from 06:10 to 00:15.
  • 208: Cais do Sodré  – Oriente train station. Night bus. Every 30min from 00:30 to 05:30

Rodoviária de Lisboa

If you wish to travel to some of Lisbon’s northeastern areas (Loures, Odivelas, Vila Franca de Xira) you should look for Rodoviária de Lisboa buses. Rodoviária de Lisboa tickets can be bought inside the bus and range between 2,20€ and 4,50€ depending on the distance traveled. The following routes stop at the airport:

  • 313: Circular route passing at Lisboa Campo Grande and Sacavém. About two buses per hour from 05am to 23;
  • 319: Lisboa (Areeiro ) – Alverca. Two buses per hour but only on weekdays and for the morning and afternoon rush hours;
  • 320: Lisboa (Areeiro) – Alverca train station. About two buses per hour between 05:30am and midnight;
  • 321: Lisboa (Areeiro) – Via Rara (Vila Franca de Xira). Two buses per hour between 05:45am and 23:45;
  • 329: Lisboa (Campo Grande) – Quinta da Piedade (Vila Franca de Xira). Three buses per hour but only on weekdays during morning and afternoon rush hours.